Martin R3F Technology: Unleashing the power of small media
Martin R3F Technology: Unleashing the power of small media

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Below is a list of the 18 product applications identified to date, separated into three sectors.






            a)         Membrane Systems using R3F Technology as Pre-treatment.


            b)         Small Community Water Systems in developed countries where the focus is on low cost methods to remove 2 to 15 micron particle size range as a   method to eliminate pathogens in potable water


            c)         Filtration Packages for Large Water Treatment Utilities.


            d)         Arsenic Removal Treatment Systems using the R3F Technology to manage adsorption or ion exchange media.


            e)         Municipal Waste Water Treatment for reuse as irrigation waters, washwaters, fire protection, aquifer recharge, etc.


            f)          Small Community Water Treatment Systems for Developing Countries (Third World Market).








            a)         Sediment Removal for waters being discharged to watercourses fromindustrial or construction sites.


            b)         Metal Removal for ground water remediation.


            c)         Hydrocarbon Removal for groundwater or oil and gas exploration   facilities.


            d)         Pre-treatment for Boiler Feed Water Systems.


            e)         Filtration of Produced Water/Oil-Gas Production.


            f)          Filtration of Aquaculture water (fish farms).


            g)         Filtration of Cooling Water Systems.


            h)         Waste water reuse.


            i)          Powder Activated Carbon-fixed bed applications for organic removal.


            j)          Powder Ion Exchange Resin systems for ion exchange








            a)         Filtration for Irrigation Systems.


            b)         Animal Feed Operations filtration systems.

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